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The New Reversible Umbrella

The New Reversible Umbrella

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You Never Have To Worry About Your Umbrella Breaking In A Storm Again!

If you've ever been stuck outside during a rainstorm and your umbrella was blown inside out from wind, then you understand the frustration and helpless feelings you might get. What's worse is when you get caught in the rain wearing your favorite outfit or your phone gets wet. The Reversible Umbrella closes inside-out, which prevents it from getting blown out and destroyed!

Another reason you need the reversible technology is because it helps prevent a mess from entering your car, home or public place. Traditional umbrellas close, and all the water drips off. Not only is this messy, but it can also create a safety hazard when the floor gets slippery. The Reversible Umbrella collects water when it closes, so you can easily dispose of it in a neat, mess-free way!

You'll never get your car or your house all wet again after using the umbrella. This ultra durable umbrella has a 55-61cm radius, and an ergonomic handle for easy carrying.

This is the last umbrella you will ever buy.
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