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Full Face Snorkeling Mask with GoPro Mount

Full Face Snorkeling Mask with GoPro Mount

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The double air flow technology in this full face snorkel mask allows users of any skill level to jump in the water and breathe comfortably. With the full face mask you can take in air through your nose (unlike traditional snorkel masks). When you breathe out of your nose, the air is passed through a separate chamber of the mask and filtered out away from your eyes so your view isn’t obstructed by any fogging. 

You have a better view with a full 180 degree range with this snorkel mask. The full face mask allows you to get the full picture of what’s around you and enhances the experience of snorkeling. Additionally, some customers who have been too uncomfortable with traditional snorkel masks have said they experience no problems or discomfort in the full face mask because of its expansive view.

When the snorkel mask is submerged the stopper in the snorkel tube blocks water from entering so you never have to clear the tube of water. This technology is one of the best parts because it makes this full face mask so easy for anyone to use. Plus you will never accidentally breathe in and choke on water (we've all done it). 

The double air flow technology keeps the snorkel mask from fogging up and clouding your vision. Air comes in from the top snorkel tube and can then be breathed in through the nose. Once you breathe out, the air is pushed through a separate chamber that filters out the air and keeps your eye area from fogging up.

The full face snorkel mask is hassle-free and fully adjustable. Once it is secured, there is nothing to fidget with - no uncomfortable mouth piece or breathing requirements that take away from the experience under water. Just put on and enjoy!

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