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Acupressure Insoles

Acupressure Insoles

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Get Relief for Your Back, Knee and Foot Pain as You Walk. 

  • MagniSole Stops Achy Feet, Back Pain, Headaches, Stiff And Sore Joints, Muscle Pains & More
  • All You Need to do is Slide it in Your Shoes & the Magnetic Acupuncture Points Will Relieve Back Pain
  • Get Back to Enjoying Life: Not More Suffering From Pain All Day
  • No Expensive Massages, Dangerous Surgeries, Or Unsafe Medicines.











Frequently Asked Questions

 How does it Work?

Our Acupressure insole uses 175 meticulously placed ‘acupoints' in each insole in order to relieve pressure in vital joints inside your body. There are also five natural magnetite magnets at key reflex acupoints that produce 400 gauss of healing magnetic waves. Targeting the root cause of your pain at the joints helps destroy the root cause of your pain, bringing long lasting relief.

Do They Come in Pairs?

Yes, each insole set you purchase comes in a pair. 

What Size Do I need to Order?

Our Acupressure insole is meant to be one size fits all. There are cutouts on each insole that allow you to make them into the perfect size for your shoes.

Do you have a Retail Store?

No, we exclusively sell this insole online, it is not available in stores.

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